Mums & Bubs


Physiotonic offers a friendly environment where you can exercise with your baby, meet other mums and restore your pre-pregnancy fitness. These classes are for Mums & Bubs only.  There are some really common injuries women sustain in the post-natal period that are often due to:

  • overuse from lifting the baby, lifting the pram, breastfeeding, carrying the baby and bending over for bath time.
  • returning back to exercise too quickly on a body that isn’t strong in the right places.

Common post-natal injuries include:

  • back pain
  • knee injuries such as knee cap tracking issues (patellofemoral pain)
  • hip injuries such as labral tears
  • ankle sprains
  • shin splints and stress fractures
  • headaches
  • shoulder pain

To prevent common injuries sustained in the post-natal period and to help get you back into shape, we specifically work on:

  • postureeducating our lovely Mums on fitness tips and their bodies.
  • Your pelvic floor – the pelvic floor is like a hammock. When weight is placed on it, it stretches. This is what happens during pregnancy and it is so important to regain pelvic floor activation in the post-natal period to help restore core strength and manage or prevent incontinence issues.
  • Your deep core – strengthening you from the inside out, so your body has a strong, stable framework.
  • Your buttock strength – these muscles are so important at giving your pelvis stability and
    supporting your spine. Plus, toning your buttock can help you look trim and terrific!
  • General body strengthening – to improve your muscle tone and overall strength.


We can set you an individualized 12 week cardio program to help kick start your return to exercise. Liaseweekly with Physiotonic’s Director and expert Sports Physiotherapist, Liane Shatrov to monitor your cardio progress.This is only available to those who sign for a full term of classes. Enquire now for more information by emailing or call 0422 452 535.
Enquire today about our free educational talks to Mothers Groups.


Rachel Fletcher
31 year old Dentist and new Mum


Whilst training with discipline and structure is one of the most important things to achieving your potential as a runner, equally important is ensuring that functionally you are well trained and able to handle the loads of distance running without getting injured. Like most runners from time to time I have had my own niggles. However I am now feeling stronger than I ever have. I must say thank you to the team at Physiotonic for understanding what is required to be able to run well.