People with injuries

People With Back Pain

postureImproved inner core is instrumental in promoting stability around the spine, in order to help prevent back pain.

The literature demonstrates that each time you have an episode of back pain your inner core muscles switch off. This can put more pressure on the spine and will lead to more pain in the back. If you suffer back pain, it is so important that you learn to activate and re-activate your inner core.  It is also important to improve your overall strength including gluteal strength to further support your spine.

Also, if you have back pain you are going to have stiff areas around your trunk and pelvis that we need to get moving through Physiotonic’s flexibility exercises

Ultimately with these key concepts, we will be aiming to improve your overall posture.

Other Injuries

Our physios take great care in understanding any of your old or new injuries.Like with back pain, when you are carrying injuries it is certain that you will have areas of weakness and stiffness. Depending on the injury and your body type, our physios can help identify what you need to work on to accelerate your return to a pain-free body. We help patients with:

  • recovering from orthopaedic surgeries such as hip arthroscopies, knee reconstructions.
  • Grumbly knees
  • Ankle sprains
  • Headaches
  • And lots more!