What is Physiotonic?

Physiotonic runs group exercise classes that will help you improve your strength from the inside out, so you have a strong inner framework and stable body. We embrace the concepts of Pilates, but from a Sports Physiotherapists perspective. Our highly trained physiotherapists will take you through functional movements focusing on stability as the key with most exercises being performed in standing. Our classes will help you feel good, be pain-free, and have better posture.

You will receive individualized feedback while working on:

  • Deep tummy muscle control (inner core)
  • Pelvic stability and gluteal (buttock) strengthening
  • Flexibility
  • Postural education and exercises (how do I sit, stand and move?)

This functional approach targets:

  • Runners who require maintenance exercises including core strength, gluteal strength and flexibility. Empower your running style and prevent injuries today!
  • People with back pain.
  • Office workers.

Here's what our students are saying about us!

Vlad Shatrov
Winner TNF50, 2013

Whilst training with discipline and structure is one of the most important things to achieving your potential as a runner, equally important is ensuring that functionally you are well trained and able to handle the loads of distance running without getting injured. Like most runners from time to time I have had my own niggles. However I am now feeling stronger than I ever have. I must say thank you to the team at Physiotonic for understanding what is required to be able to run well.


My wife and I are really pleased to recommend Physiotonic classes and have recommended them to several of our friends. I have been going to Physiotonic classes for over 5 years after a stress fracture to the pelvis made me look at the way I was working. My work is quite physical as a plumber but I wasn’t using the core muscles properly.  I’ve enjoyed the classes – I feel much more aware of my core strength and the position of my spine when I’m lifting and I’ve been taught better posture especially with sitting. Physiotonic classes are directed by experienced and highly qualified physio’s, who are able to adapt for special problems that you may have.


I started Physiotonic over a year ago, and it's the only exercise program I've ever stuck to (not to mention one I also really enjoy). After the first month of Physiotonic classes I could start to feel the difference, and now over 12 months later I can see the difference as well. It has helped with my posture, netball knees and the after effects of two broken ankles. The smaller class size feels like you get one-on-one instruction and classes are tailored to suit your requirements. I look forward to the classes every week.

Chris Turnbull
Ultra-marathon runner

Training for ultras involves a balance between running quality kilometres and not getting injured. Core specific training with Physiotonic has improved my technique and hence endurance, allowing me to run further (without needing to!)...


Being a sprinter requires me to undertake a number of high intensity workouts per week, which places the body under a lot of stress and increases the risk of injury. Having sustained a string of injuries over the past 3 years, I realised I needed a workout that was specifically designed to improving my mechanics. Physiotonic’s guidance ensures that areas of weakness are identified and programs are tailored to target all muscle groups to work together efficiently. By strengthening my inner core and gluts I have become aware of how important it is for good stability and alignment, to improve my running mechanics.