Gluteal Strengthening

gluteal-strengthTypically in our population, we have poor butt muscle strength… You don’t see many butts like that of Usain Bolt’s walking the streets, because this is an area that is typically of low tone! So, a major focus in Physiotonic classes is to improve your buttock bulk and tone.

Advantages of gluteal muscle training from Physiotonic classes:

  • Helps you run faster!
  • Helps with back pain: A stronger buttock will help to give you more strength for everyday movements to ultimately reduce load placed on your spine.
  • Helps with knee pain: Stronger gluteal muscles will help to improve pelvic stability and how your knee tracks. This is important to reduce the load on your knee and knee cap both with everyday movements such as going downstairs, but also with running.
  • Helps to tone your buttock – a ‘soft’ part of the body in most of us!