Why Physiotonic?


  • We are physiotherapists that have expert training and special interest with sports and musculoskeletal injuries. That way, we can channel exercises that will help you with managing and preventing injuries.
  • Whereas in an ‘abs, butt and thigh’ class at the gym you work just on the global muscles, Physiotonic allows you to work on very specific exercises and movements, to strengthen your framework from the inside out.
  • Rather than the teacher doing the class and getting a work out themselves like you experience in some gym classes, our teachers walk around the class, continually checking everyone’s technique and giving individual feedback.
  • As we are physiotherapists, you can claim the classes with your private health insurance, depending on your level of cover.
  • Up to half of our class is performed in standing to make the exercises more functional for everyday movements and better posture.
  • We use therabands and free weights in every class to further challenge you.